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Bait and Switch tactics you should be aware of

Bait and Switch tactics you should be aware of

It is common for companies offering network security to bring in a very experienced "High Powered" security professional to meet you during negotiations to justify the company's $300/hour or so consulting rates and get you to sign a very one-sided contract. They then provide someone with little network security experience or talent that just got back from a one or two week introductory training course at Cisco. They won't even provide the novice outside of business hours, just a receptionist to take a message that no one will get until the next business day.

Is the novice worth $300/hour to you? Of course not. Welcome to Bait and Switch! It is how big companies make their big money at your expense. We do not think it is ethical and we do not do it! We charge far less for far better talent 24x7 and there's no minimum per month or restrictive contract!

With us, you always will working directly with Bob Toxen, a top notch world-class "High Powered" network security expert who has published several books on computer security through Prentice Hall, one of the most respected technical publishers in the world. His books also are available in Japanese, Chinese, Czech, and Polish. He just published an article on Linux security in the May/June 2007 issue of the Association for Computing Machinery's (ACM's) QUEUE Magazine.

Bob Toxen has been doing network security exclusively since 2000 and doing Linux since 1995 and Unix since 1974, including kernel programming on both platforms! Bob Toxen is one of the 162 recognized developers of Berkeley Unix. He has advised President George W. Bush. Despite this, Mr. Toxen is available to handle emergencies 24x7.

During negotiations, ask them to provide you with the credentials of the person who you will be working directly with.

Did he or she publish any books on security? Has she been doing Linux for over 10 years? Has he been doing Unix (Linux's close relative) for 30 years? Did he advise the President? Can she analyze network traffic by the packet and byte to find networking problems? Will he be available Sunday night or during his vacation when you have an emergency? If they cannot answer yes to these questions they cannot compare to use, regardless of their name!

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