Inexpensive, effective mixed-platform Network Security using Linux-based solutions. 

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Unix and Linux using the C and C++, shell scripting, Perl, Assembly, and other programming languages.
Programming Services

Let the staff at Horizon Network Security help you get your project to market on time. Our most senior programmer has over 32 years experience in design and implementation of large projects on Unix and Linux using the C and C++, shell scripting, Perl, Assembly, and other programming languages. Our code works, is easy-to-use, and runs fast! Our core competencies include:

  • Linux
  • Client-Server programming over TCP and UDP
  • Mission critical reliability for Server programs
  • In place upgrading of running systems
  • API Design and implementation
  • InterProcess Communication
  • Program Vulnerability detection and Hardening
  • New Technology Evaluation

Client-Server programming over TCP and UDP

Horizon Network Security has extensive knowledge and experience in designing and implementing client-server applications. Some of the most recent projects have included.


We developed a payload tracking system that is used on all shuttle flights.

Network Attached Storage Company

Working with their internal staff, a client-server configuration process was created that features over 800 discrete functions. It includes Service Advertising Protocols, server-to-server communications, transaction semantics for ensuring complete configuration changes, and advanced self monitoring features that include memory leak detection, system failure interception and recovery and 'call home' abilities to report serious problems.

Phone Company

We worked with the cellular billing department to create a system that tracks a cellular users account activity to ensure accurate billing. This system had the advanced feature of being able to be upgraded while running without any loss of data.

Child Care Company

We developed and deployed a video room monitoring system that allows parents to witness the activities of their children via a web site. The system was deployed over DSL network services using the UDP protocol to avoid scalability issues encountered with TCP.

If you have projects that you believe our expertise will help you design, develop and deploy, please contact us.


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