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Compromise Planning

Compromise Planning

Compromise recovery planning and practice

Do you have a plan to recover from a compromise? How long would it take? What critical services would be down during the recovery? Can these critical services be kept up during the recovery? What important data would be lost during a recovery and can this be prevented? When was the recovery procedure last practiced? Is it out of date? Who would need to be involved in the recovery? Do they have the authority? What if they are on vacation or asleep? What if the local paper calls about the compromise? What if the FBI or the police visit, saying your system was used to break into other systems? Most people know who to call if their car breaks down but not if their computers are broken into. If they succeed in breaking in, we can clean them out. Most crackers operate at night. Sometimes we can clean them out and have the system ready before the start of the business day. We can help you prepare for this prospect so that recovery is quick and less damaging than suffering this without preparation.

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