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Security Consulting


Bob Toxen has 15 years of network security consulting experience, 21 years of Linux experience, and has been doing Unix since 1974. That's over 40 years of experience.

Do not be fooled by companies who have 30 different people, each with the same 1 year of experience who claim that that counts as 30 years of experience. They will offer you a single solution because that is all they know. Cisco Pix? No problem because that's all they use and all they know how to do is click on a GUI until it seems to work. Heck, you could do that yourself.

But ask them about a Linux IP Tables solution and they will say "it's not as good" because they don't know much about it but won't admit it. Linux is a technologically superior solution and cheaper and faster. However, if you want Cisco, we know that too. Want a Unix solution? We can do that too. Want to protect your network of Windows systems? We have lots of experience doing that.

Need help hardening, maintaining, upgrading, backing up, or moving your collocated servers? We do a lot of that.

We can offer a wide range of tools, techniques, and services because we have the experience doing many things, not just the same thing over and over again.

Want something that doesn't exist? No problem. We will create it using our 30+ years of programming experience. We helped create Berkeley Unix so we can create almost anything you might need.

Bob Toxen knows the major network protocols (TCP, UDP, and ICMP, SMTP, HTML, etc.) down to the bit level so he knows how to properly protect your network and can analyze problems and attacks down to the bit level. He has 10 years of experience just writing network-based servers from scratch, including NFS, so he knows networking problems and solutions.

Bob Toxen has decades of system programming experience so if your ideal solution hasn't been created, he can create it so it works right the first time. However, he is heavily involved with the Open Source Community so if there is a free solution he can install it for you.

Bob Toxen completed The University of California at Berkeley's Computer Science Undergraduate Program so he understands both the big picture and the details to give you the best and most thorough solution. Berkeley was and is one of the top schools in the world for Computer Science and Berkeley and Bob Toxen helped create Berkeley Unix and some of the design and code that now is a part of Linux.

Has the competition's consultant you are considering working with even completed a Computer Science program at a respected university? Is she an experienced programmer who can build a custom program if that is the best solution or does she just click on GUI buttons?

Bob Toxen doesn't just read the books, he writes them, including "Real World Linux Security, Second Edition", the best book on Linux Security out there. Put his talent, knowledge, and experience to work to protect you!

Bob Toxen has been consulting since 1990 so he knows how to do it right.

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