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How fast is your Internet connection?

How fast is your Internet connection?


"Speed is Life!" Fighter pilots know it and it sure is true on the Internet! If your site is slow to load, your prospects will get bored and go to your competitors. If your browsing and email is slow your people are less productive. Are you getting the speed, e.g., bandwidth, that your Provider promises? Even with a Service Level Agreement (SLA), frequently you are not.

Are you really getting bandwidth close to the "up to" claims? Heck, even McDonald's can claim you may eventually make up to $1,000,000 per year starting out at minimum wage. It's possible but not likely.

We can measure your bandwidth against the SLA and your Provider's claims. We have had success then pointing out to a client's Provider the discrepancy and then "magically" it improves. It's not really magic; the Provider just tweaks its routers.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently concluded a study of actual vs. claimed Provider bandwidth so you can see how your Provider stacks up. Note that it is ostensibly consumer bandwidth but many with "Business Class" service also participated, including us.

Read the Yahoo article on the FCC speed report

    Yahoo article on FCC Report on American bandwidth

Read the raw FCC report at

    Raw FCC Report on American bandwidth

Cut to the chase and see the graph of per-ISP performance

    FCC Graph of Per-ISP Performance

Test your Internet speed

    Test your Internet speed

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