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Hardening servers against attack and security audit

Hardening Linux servers against attack and security audits


Your Linux and Unix servers run your business so you need an expert to harden them against attacks and do security audits. Don't take a chance on someone who considers Linux security a sideline.

95% of our business is Linux and 90% of that is Linux security and we have been doing Linux since 1995 and Linux security since 2000 full-time! We know what to expect and how to take care of it.

Without hardening and prompt installation of security patches even a Linux server likely will be compromised. Don't learn the hard way. Contact us now to harden your servers, install patches on a timely basis, provide expert system administration, reliable backups, and any needed custom programming.

We perform a security audit as we harden your systems, which includes recommendations on how to further harden the systems as well as what hardening we did.

A medium level hardening will take us only 4-5 hours of work for a typical server, with each additional server done at the same time taking about half of that.

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