Inexpensive, effective mixed-platform Network Security using Linux-based solutions. 

Horizon Network Security™
phone: +1 770-662-8321, email:

We offer telephone and remote secure login support 24x7.

Support 24x7

We offer telephone and remote secure login support 24x7 at no extra charge (beyond our standard hourly rate). When you call you will get a security expert immediately who will solve the problem.

Most Firewall configuration changes and problems can be resolved remotely and securely in minutes without user involvement or reboots. No more "type this key then type that key then reboot and repeat". For a fixed monthly fee we will install any security patches that might be needed for your Firewall (though few are) or for your other Linux servers.

We can provide system administration for all of your Linux and Unix systems. Our founder is one of the 162 recognized developers of Berkeley Unix.


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