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Backup Solutions

Backup Solutions

What would happen to your business if all of your data was lost one night? What if water damage from a storm or a fire or vandalism destroyed your disks? What if the air conditioning failed? What if the fan keeping your RAID disk array failed and all of your disks burned up?

What if your Colo facility that promised daily backups botched them? Two of our clients at well-known different Colo companies discovered the hard way that the Colo's backups were defective, costing them far more to recreate the systems than it would have cost for us have been doing remote backups to our Terabyte Store.

We have seen all of these things happen to our clients and others! It makes no sense to suffer the extreme cost of recreation when Horizon Network Security has many proven reasonably priced backup solutions. One is the right backup solution for you.

We can backup your data to any combination of local disk, local removable media (tape, DVD, or CD-ROM), or remote disk and media. Some of our clients have periodic backups to our Terabyte Store so they do not have to worry about managing tapes.

One of our backup solutions can back up systems in your remote offices to one system in your main office and save to tape or DVD there. Thus, only one reliable person needs to handle tapes or DVDs. Better still, this allows nightly backups from those remote offices to the main office to protect against any damage at those remote offices.

Most of our backup solutions use the rock solid GNU tar backup method at their core. Thus, you know that the backup will be good and anyone can restore the data. Better still, the backups can be inspected and easily compared to the original disk to prove that the backup is good.

Have Windows systems that need backing up? No problem! Have large databases? One cannot just backup the database file. One must use special techniques to capture any data that changes during the backup. We know how to do this. Lotus Notes or Macs? We can back these up too.

Have large mostly static data? We can backup just the changes after an initial full backup to reduce network traffic or tapes needed.

Our remote backup solutions encrypt the data, of course, for privacy, if you like. Our tape solutions will remind you to change tapes if you forget, and alert you to problems. All of our backup solutions will email status reports and alert you if there is a problem so that you know if the backup was successful.

We have the right backup solution for you. Just ask.








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